Thursday, November 02, 2006

True Comparison

During the last two weeks or so the weather hasn’t been sunny and nice as it is during summer time. It has been rainy, heavily windy that storm the ship from one side to another and make people throw up and wonder why on earth they chose to cruise on a ship. Of course that scene would change as the first two days passes by and would be replaced by the intense heat and humid conditions of the caribbean. Anyway, the other day, while the ship was rocking heavily because of the rough sea and wind, I witnessed something extremely interesting. The sky was partially clouded by big heavy grey clouds threatening to rain hard on one side and on the other side it was sunny and lighted. It was a picture of hope and reassurance that everything was going to be back to normality. It was windy, the sea was splashing big waves and it was partially dark, but far in the distance there was a powerful feeling of secureness given by the sunlight. Suddenly I realized that my life could easily be represented by this whole picture. Perhaps surrounded by difficulties and stress, so much maybe that I fail to look at the side of the sky which is clear and shiny which ultimately represent the hope of my life. Then I felt an interior peace and the promises of the Lord who rushed to my mind that although the weather and sea might be rough, above those heavy grey clouds there is a huge shining happy sun who is going to eventualy defeat the darkness created by the problems and temporarily circumstances and rescue me from my own lack of faith.

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