Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Last four or five days have been excruciating for our ship's crew and guests, as the weather in this side of the world is really bad. Furious wind, huge waves, thunders and lightnings plus the constant movement from one side to the another of the ship, had us all vomiting and sea-sicked. Of course the ship's itinerary changes to avoid hurricanes and storms, but still we get hit by traces of the storm. Personally I thought I was used to the constant motion of the ship, but sadly I realized I am not completely inmune. To make things worse three days ago the rudder of the ship which has something to do with the timmonel and ability to direct the ship got broken, so the ship have been rocking extremely bad. So yesterday we went on an emergency trip to Freeport, Bahamas to see if they could fix the problem and they are still trying to get it fixed before today 11:00 pm. If it doesnt get fixed, word is that we will be deployed to Galveston, Texas to help with the survivors of Katrina for some weeks while they finish fixing the problem.

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crazyforJesus said...

Hey Josh, sorry the sea is making you sick. I pray your doing well & may the Lord wacth over you & give yoo favor my brother.