Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Miracle

Well it turned out that they were able to fix the problem with the rudder and we were not deployed to Galveston as the rumors said.
Yesterday as we hit our port of call of Freeport in Bahamas, we met with our sister ship Destiny. They are ongoing with Dry Dock for three weeks. Sad thing is that there is nothing but nothing to do or see or enjoy there in Freeport. Personally I dont see why someone would pay money for a vacation trip that includes Freeport as a port of call. It is not even a touristic place and downtown is as small as my house with really nothing much to do or see. Anyway, I am sorry for them but happy that while yesterday was a hectic day onboard as the mayority of the guests stayed onboard because of the previous reason, I got to see my beloved brother in Christ Alexis Abrego. So we met couple of years ago when getting prepared on a school in order to work on cruiseships and ever since then our friendship has been growing and growing despite the fact that we dont see each other so frequently. Destiny has a different itinerary in the caribbean so we never get to cross our ways, so it was a nice surprise to see the ship next to mine yesterday, but sadly I couldn't go inside his ship, and although he could come inside mine, I knew that he had forgotten that I was in Celebration, so I lost all hope to see him. I thought, well, by the time he receives me email, it ill be past long after we sail away from here. At 2:00 afternoon I was ready to get my nap, but decided I wanted to play first a couple of ping pong games, so there I was, when he approached me from behind, and man, what a sweet surprise. There he was. He came onboard mine, because he had to to some deal with our ship storeroom manager and to get to him he had to pass through the ping pong table area when I was supposed to be sleeping. We had such a great short time, talking and sharing many things about what God has been doing thru our lives. It really was God's intention for us to meet yesterday when all possble chances were against it. He knew I needed to talk to a good friend like him from my country. He was an answer to a need that I had and a message from God to me about something in particular. And even though he might not know it, he was used by God yesterday to bring a message from God to my life. God is never late and he knows when and how to work out miracles for his children.
Thanks Alexis.

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