Monday, May 02, 2005

Importance of Prayers in Family

Today, as I spent some quality time with my family, far away from the busy cities, retired far in the middle of the mountains, where the fresh air runs freely, and there is no phone, internet, and interruption of anykind whatsoever, I realized how fool I´ve been behaving. I realized that my prayer times, are not being enough, are not being more extensive and persistant . This is an old issue, and yet, I haven´t been able to fix it, to make it right. I am reminded unspoken times by the Bible about the importance of praying in all times, without failing, and yet, somehow that is not coming through with me. There are a bunch of physical, emotional and spiritual needs within each and everyone of us, in this particular case within each of the members of my beloved family. When I heard my dad talking and breaking down about his inner struggles and how he can get really depressed about them when he is not experimenting victory over them, I can´t help but to feel extremely guilty, and sad to tears realizing that I had not been supporting him in prayers as I should. I am 100% sure that things were different for him. A battle is won better and faster when there are two or more supporting each other in prayers. It is not all about healthy relationships, as I have with Dad, where I share with him and he with me about everything, but it is also intercession, fighting the spiritual warfare on the spiritual sphere without stopping. It is on prayer times, where you in Christ defeat the devil and his followers whose job is to make us feel like we are not going forward, like we are wasting our efforts and energy. Same story with my sister, my brother and mom. Each one of them (including me) have needs that have to be fulfilled, and when we do not support each other, the struggle is heavier, than when we support each other.I am not saying we are not praying for each other, but we are not doing so with the intensity we should. When Jesus prayed, he did it in a way that show us persistance and patience. I´ll start spending more time during my prayer times for this matter. I have friends, I´ve been praying for the last 6 years and families, I´ve been praying for the last 15 years, but honestly, it hasn´t been continuos but sporadics. I think I´ve wasted wonderful opportunities to have achieved that earlier, only if I had been faithful to it.

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