Monday, May 16, 2005

Casa de Oracion Cristiana Jorones´ Mission Trip

This is part of Casa de Oracion Jorones Church youth group starring youth group leader Howar at the left far corner Posted by Hello
So, recently I went on a mission trip to a place called Jorones in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Panama´s country side. Howard my friend invited me over to come along with them in order to participate in it. It was a real cool experience as every mission trip can get. Don´t take me wrong, by no means I refer to having fun in a wordly way. I am talking about the pure and genuine joy you could only find when walking in God´s plan for our lives in complete obedience and faith, serving for the cause of Jesus Christ. So we had a great time there sharing Bible teachings to the young people in Jorones and sharing with them some quality time and listening to their last experiences. Among the things we studied from the Bible was Joseph´s life. So we read a few chapters and then we urged them to represent the story in a little skecth (drama) so they could remember well the teaching. Definetely not a winning-award performance but quite enough for our purpose. God is good. They are growing in Christ little by little and hopefully they will become tomorrow´christian leaders of their community.

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