Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What is Love?

If you go out and make a survey right now to find out what people think about love and in your paper as the first question you have "Whad does love means to you?" probably you will have to use a computer to organize a bunch of results in a coherent stadistic conclusion; the reason of this is that nowadays in the kind of world that it has turned into, people just see love as something superficial, meaningless and even as a fairy tale just as peter pan, superman or the lvely little mairmaid. If you could have the opportunity to use the famous science fiction time machine seen in the movie "back to the future" and go back through time you could be able to make a stop not very far away from today and find out that for people love was simpler, deep beautiful and natural. It was meaninful, almost sacred. So it is true, love meant much more to people in the past than today, but why would that be? When does that changed?, does that really means that love, I mean true love died? Ohh.. I can almost hear you complaining, but lets just start giving some popular meanings of love.
  • Many people would say that love is whenever you see that special guy/girl and your heart starts bumping with that unmistakeable butterflies feeling rushing in your stomach.
  • Others, however, think that love is just sex, to have fun with the person you are with.
  • Others, would say that love is to receive personal and emotional affect from someone special.
  • Others, see love in a more simple way, then say that it is to share good moments and when things doesnt work out, leave.

And I could go over mentioning different points of views and would never end, but le me tell you that love is much more than physical attraction "love at first sight", the so called chemical attraction", as soon as that bumping heart and stomach rushing butterflies feeling reach an end, you can bet that there is no more love at all, why? because in most of the cases people were just looking the outside, their love was based on a very beautiful face or not, a gorgeous body, fashion clothes among other things, but they were never really interested in the inside of the person itself.

Now, those who think that love is just sex are kind of confused...tell you why. There is no real love that can be based on sex, because sex is only one part of love, a very important one in fact, but if there is no real interest, respect and other ghings toward the other person, as soon as passion and fire dies, so will die "love" and everytime you have sex with someone you give part of yourself away that will not be returned never and you will find yourself facing a growing up emptiness in your heart. Love based on sex only is fated to failure.

Those who think that love is just to receive from others should think a little bit more about it. In order to recieve love, you should give love. You want to receive a lot, give yourself a lot. Love is about sharing, it is a two way stuff. It doesnt work one way. Has to be back and forward. That`s the reason why there are so many relationships that reach an end and when you wonder why, they will tell you that because of so many fightings and arguments unsolved, but thats only a consequence of love-lacking from one way. I wouldnt like to find myself loving in such a way and not receiving and to top it off not being able to communicate these feelings. So you want to be loved, give love, unconditional love, and I´ll explain later what inconditional love means and why it is so important to keep it alive.

Those who think that love is just to share good moments with someone. I can almost hear you say "oh come on, why would you be willing to spend also bad moments when you can easily take off? Well, thats what love is all about; to stand for your partner not only during the wonderful and momorable moments, but in the valleys of deaths also. I mean, you dont have to love someone in other to share only good moments, dont you think? Love involves not only celebrating and laughing upon victories but also cry in stormy and cludy moments with him or her. When you overcome difficult times along him or her your relationship becomes stronger.

Now, I want to share one of the best ever definitions of love and I want you to do some thinking about it and conclude if love could ever die or still exist nowadays. We find this example in the Bible in the book of John chapter 3 verse 16. It says: For God loved so much the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him , should not perish, but have everlasting life"

I dont know if you but, I wouldnt ever give my son away to death for your sake, but good news for you, God did it, not only for you, but for me, and for everybody. Thats true love, and just because and just because of that, and because I believe in Him, I am able to vige away love. This is the main key of all; whoever accept His unconditional love will find possible to love, I mean, true love, otherwise the so called "love" will only be selfish, first me, second me and last me, no room for noone else.

Love is suffered, it is kind, love has no envy, love is not boastful, it doesnt puff up. Does not behave itself improperly. It doesnt seek her own, it is not easily proveked, it is not rancorous, rejoice not in injustice, but rejoice in the truth, bear all thinkgs, believe all things, hope all things, endure all things. Corinthians 13 verses 4-8

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