Thursday, January 13, 2011

God Speed my dear Ruth

I can remember like if it was yesterday the day Ruth step forward in our small group meeting and shared with everyone her dream about joining a mission trip that would take her out of the country for two years into different countries and continents. It was a wild dream that would involve so many strategic changes and a lot of logistic. Several months after in another small group meeting, she requested prayer, for it was proving to be a hard thing to grasp the dream and make it happen, there were important set backs but she did not give it up then and would not give it up now. She left her job stability, rented away her apartment, sold her car, said good buy to her long time friends in a effort to fulfill what she felt in her heart was a call from God, to follow Jesus's steps of love, mercy and justice, towards the needy.

Today as I look into your eyes and hug you at the airport I can't help it and remember all this, and think that you are an example of perseverance my dear friend and co-disciple.

May you be and do every bit of what you are and can do towards the development of the Kingdom of Christ. The ultimate prize for your effort and endurance shall come from Above.

May God bring you back in time for new adventures.

Love you Ruth

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