Monday, March 23, 2009

Today's Lesson

Earlier on today, while assisting a friend of mine, pastor of the church in Rio Hato, whose car got broken in the middle of the street, I remembered what the Scripture says about how all things work out for the good to those who love Him. Anyone would have rightly consider lack of luck, been through a distress situation in the middle of a dangerous neibourhood in the night, with most of his family living 10 hours away. J.C. called a friend of his and me to assist him, and while I am trying to get a cheap tug car service, what I saw really moved me. Pastor J.C. witnessing a homeless in a corner despite the fact that he himself was in the middle of a difficult situation, and his friend also witnessing a half-drunk man not too far from him, and in between the wrecked car right in the center of the street. The enemy perhaps intended bad for J.C. but what he didn't know was the his trick was not enough to stop two men of God from sharing their faith to others with joy and peace of heart.
Suddenly, while I was still trying to get a cheap crane to come over, a very friendly cuban lady stopped by and without asking if we needed help, she stepped out of her vehicle and start giving instructions on how to proceed. She recommened us to push the car an abandoned gas station 25 meters away, pay a few dollars to the security guard to keep safe the car till tomorrow morning, and have the mechanic fitter come over first thing in the morning and end of story. So we did, she even offered her car to pull J.C. wrecked car to the abandoned gas station. This, was not other thing but the hand of God, providing right then right there for our need.
Lessons? Even the aparent bad things are opportunities to turn them into good and glorify God; if ungodly people have the courage to step down from their cars to assist perfect strangers in the street, why would you and me who profess the love of God would not do the same and even more?
Something to think about.

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