Thursday, September 25, 2008

Real Issue behind Human Trafficking.

Isn't it interesting and sad at the same time the fact that the second more profitable illegal business in the world after drug smuggling is human trafficking, aka modern day slavery?
I recently went to the movies and observed on the big screen, in the comodity of a very confortable seat and conditioned air, not for the first time the "modus operandi" of such an abominable practice. In it there was a lot of flying bullets, blood spilling and physical action throughout the film and of course at the end of the movie, the classical hollywood happy ending where the father was able to track her daughter down, kill the whole mafia gang without sweating Rambo-style and finally rescue her precious daugher who by the way happens to be a spoiled child who only puts herself into this situation by not being honest with her father about her intentions during her trip to Europe.
It is so sad to know that every year hundreds if not thousands of girls and boys mostly minors, are being kidnapped and trapped into this dark and pervert world of drug abuse, prostitution and death by an ever increasing bunch of criminals who despite of having children of their own, decide to make an illegal business out of destroying human lives against their will.
Now the question is, "Is it currently, being done enough to avoid and counter-react to this evil scheme worldwide or we are just making a blind eye, hoping by crossing our fingers and knocking on a piece of wood, that it won't ever happen to someone close who we love and care about.
Someone would avidly say that, it is responsability of our goverment and police department to make our society safer and free of brain-sick people like those who commit this crimes, but the truth is, the way I see it, much more need to be done, much more than what the goverment and the police department can ever do or be expected to do. It all starts in the family and the values the we transmit to our children, it all starts with a proper education where kids are constantly made aware of the danger of this planet we call home. Truth is, the kids of the movie I went to see (Taken), weren't well raised by their parents, one of them was only concerned about having fun, partying, concerts, beautiful cloth and houses and travelling and all sort of things that are perishable and it costed her high. My whole point here is, if the parents who are the first guardians of the kids do not "make time" out of their busy schedules to raise their children and teach them proper and high values, rather than leaving this to the school system and internet and the T.V. which we all know has nothing good nor positive to teach, then, don't we all come at the end to complain why our society is so unsafe, why we have kidnapped and kidnappers, or abused and abusers or assassinated and assassins or drug addicts and drug lords, don't we all come at the end of the day trying to put the whole blame on the goverment or our obsolete school system when the first and most important teacher of the kid, namely their parents, won't think it is imperative to personally educate their kids and spend time with them and show them love and lead by example. Then this same kids, once grown up, will continue the zaga of raisinig more un-attended kids and the cycle will be even worse. Only God will be able to pull us out of this vicious and perverse cycle and for sure it will be way to late for many.

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