Saturday, October 27, 2007

Few more weeks to Go

So after several months waiting to know my sign off day, finally the date came from the head office. It was set for Nov. 17th. So if it doesn’t change (God first), I will get to spend for the first time after four years my b-day, christmas and new year celebration in my dear country with my family and friends. These past 4 years I have spent christmas and new year literally working. Although in my home we stopped setting up christmas trees many many years ago (ever since my siblings and I lost the interest after growing up), it is one of the things that I definitely want to do this year. I already began day dreaming about it, where it will be and my mother and sister helping to set it up. I have in mind the spot and the decorations I want it to display. Boy, I do miss home, I miss playing with my dogs, hanging out with my friends from childhood, going to church, jogging in the coast-way, seeing my friend Aquilino and many other things. So far, this has been a great period (onboard this ship) and can’t complain. God has been so good, has taught me things through blessings and difficulties while here onboard this vessel, but as the Scripture says, there is a time for everything, and I think the time to spend time with family is finally coming. I pray that this upcoming time will be far more better than the previous ones for God’s glory. I have high expectative about it.


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Kiora said...

You write very well.