Sunday, February 05, 2006

First Car

So I decided that it was about time to buy my first car. I started looking for a good looking second-hand car for my first car and after couple of days my mind was set on a two doors cavalier. My dad wasn´t all excited about the idea of a two-door car, but the one I chose had everything and almost intact. However, and here is the big thing, I found an hour later after I purchased that it has a serious problem of overheating. That we couldn´t see when checking the car because you check it and run it for 10 min. and you can´t realize about it. So, I was running with it and suddenly I see the gauges and I was chocked to see that the needle was going dangerously to the right. So I went to the mechanic and he checked it and concluded that it was a water-bomb problem. Puff... to make it worse, it is on the bottom of the engine so in order to change it, he has to remove the whole engine and other stuffs first to be able to reach it. So this is the thing, I took it back to the seller and asked him to get it fixed because it is suppose to be part of the warranty that he gave to me, but he refused and said that he rather give me the money of the car back. So unless he changes his mind within the next few days, I will be looking for another car very soon.

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Willer said...

Get your money back. Cavaliers are horribly unreliable. Now what I'd get, and this is just me, is a VW Diesel. You get a lot of those where you live. Seriously dude, you Panamaniacs are lucky you get small diesels. Take advantage of it!