Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back in Panama

It´s great to be home once again. I set foot on Panama on the 26th of Jan. when Liberty came over to Colon. Three days earlier I was told to get my bags ready to leave, they were sending me on vacation and even though it´s not usual, I am cool with it. Usually you know at least 30 days with anticipation about your signing off the ship, but not this time. So I find myself constantly trying to change my work-thinking mode to vacation-thinking mode. This time I am spending more time in my country than the previous ocassions which is awesome, cuz I want to finish some pending business around here. I´ll be here till mid April and then back again to work.


Willer said...

So will you be traveling anywhere near Mississippi this time? Let me know, dude.

Josh said...

uhmm...not in the near future I guess. I will be traveling to L.A. on mid April straight from Panama via Miami. But we might arrange something for the end of my next period. what do u think?