Thursday, May 04, 2006

Vows Renewal

The other day while helping the guys from Room Service to set up everything for a special function, I had the opportunity to see one of the sweetest thing I had ever seen.
This 60 person group of people from Palestina which traveled on our ship were celebrating a very special occasion. The 50 years anniversary of wedding of Mr. and Ms. X. It was such a spectacular thing to see many generations there, from the children of them to the great grandchildren of them. Their children, wearing already white hair and those little babies yet learning to walk were altogether cruising to celebrate their vow renewal. The oldest son with his strong middle orient accent was stating some facts about the couple and proposing a toast. Right after it, the captain of the vessel, the Master himself showed up all dressed up to lead the vow renewal ceremony. A white carpet was laid on the floor and an altar next to two roman-styled columns were fixed for the occasion where the Captain of the vessel would read the words and make them repeat their vows. While those two, long time couple and friends repeated their vows with their fragile and hardly perceptible tone, proper of their advanced age many of us got emotional, specially when the lady repeated the words with her still soft and loving sweet way of talking to the man she has loved for so long. A funny fact and many of the crowed laughed out loud was when the captain read something about “nurturing and sharing her dreams” he repeated it, but then said, “whatever short time we still have left” and while it was funny because of the way he said it, in a way that’s accepting the inevitable which is close for them and that can make anyone sad. Anyway, when that part was over, their oldest son quited the crowd and asked the DJ to play a song which as he stated was the first song they danced more than 50 years back. Boy, if the part of repeating their vows made many of us to entertain a tear or two, this part would finish the unfinished business. The crowd stepped aside and let the dancing floor free for them to dance. The song started to sound and they locked themselves in a fragil hug like if supporting themselves, soft steps from one side to another and the bride looking at his face in such a loving way, he would still have some caution regarding showing himself to emotional, he could be very advanced in age but he would still remember very well what he was taught ever since he was a boy, “guys don’t cry and show to much tenderness” and then 3or 4 minutes and they got tired and finished their dancing. The crowd gave them a round of applaused and lots of pictures. This small event made my day and gave me lots to think about a relationship. No doubt they have had their strong differences and arguments but at the end of the day and life they would stick together and forever until the death. What a strong and appealing example of fidelity and loyalty. These days are full of people who get married only to divorce a year or two after because of a difference they were not willing to fix. Easist thing is to run away, doesn’t need effort. Many of the people I talk nowadays have lost hope in marriage and are reluctant to get married. They rather live together to see what happens like anticipating that it will fail soon and then will be easy to leave and find another person and so on. It’s sad. I hope someday I find a beautiful person that would want to spend the rest of her life with me.


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Willer said...


You'll find someone, and when you do, you'll be blessed by God to spend every hour which you can with her.