Thursday, May 27, 2004

Working 2Get the Crown of Life

Hi world, couple of minutes ago, I decided to have my own blog space...
I decided to name it like I did, cuz in the end of everything, what I want to reach is the so named crown that is meant to be for me. Unfortunately is not Spain King crown, however is a better one and it is waiting for me. So working to get a crown is just a phrase that make me remember that like everything to be aquired needs to be worked to get it. I am working on my attitud toward specific things in my life, I am working on my weaknesses that hold me to sin and some other stuff`s. I so want, and God knows that its true, that I want to obey Him the way He wants me to do it. Life is not easy, temptation is always around the bend waiting to assault you. Our red tailed enemy knows that if you are not strong enough those temptations will make you fall so easy. That just makes evident that we need to hold ourself strong to the ROCK the One who will make us stand firm through temptation, depression, loneliness and whatever it comes. Apostle Paul said that to run and to fight till the end of the race is what I am supposed to do in order to get the award. Jesus said "I won´t let you alone and down ever" With those two things in mind there´s no excuse to get the Crown.

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